Magical taste sensation

Just one bite of a Magic Star is all it takes to understand why this juicy, fresh yet sweet, firm and aromatic apple is causing such a stir. Magic Star has consistently been voted one of the most popular apple varieties in taste tests.

So aromatic and crunchy

Magic Star is the perfect name for an apple that will cast its spell over any food lover with its fresh, sweet and crunchy taste. Why not try it in a Waldorf salad, a cocktail of apple and chicken, or paired with fresh shrimp.

Juicy whatever the season

The Magic Star is such a good keeper, you'll find it on sale all year round, so you can enjoy this apple's delicious taste whenever you want.

No food miles in your fruit bowl

If you consciously choose locally-grown apples, then Magic Stars tick that box as well! 

Monitored from tree to shelf

Our partners grow Magic Stars in orchards that we inspect carefully, so you can be sure that the apples you buy are grown locally and delicious to the very last mouthful.