Magic Star®

Delicious flavour

Sweet, juicy, crunchy and aromatic

Excellent shelf life


Magic Star® is an new apple with an excellent taste!

Magic Star® is sweet, crunchy, juicy and aromatic. The excellent storability and shelf-life of Magic Star® gives her the exceptional opportunity to be on the shelf throughout the year! In various consumer panels all over Europe Magic star consistently ranks in the top 3 best-appreciated apple varieties.

The Magic Star® concept is based on the introduction of homegrown production sold in the retail shop. This means that Magic Star® apples will be exclusively produced locally.This approach will give consumers a 100% safeguard that the Magic Star® apples he or she buys from the retailer actually were produced in that country.

Within this concept Magic Star® can already be found at retailers in Belgium, The Netherlands and in the UK. In the near future we are looking forward for new countries to add to this list. The Magic Star formula allows a retailer to have their own produced, own branded apple on their retail shelf.

Variety description

  • Brandname: Magic Star®
  • Variety: SQ159.
  • Fruit size: 65-85 mm.
  • Colour: Red with a yellow ground colour (bicolor apple)
  • Structure: Juicy and crunchy
  • Presentation: Attractive
  • Shape: Comparable to breaburn.
  • Fruit quality info:
    • Firmness: 8,0-9,0 kg / cm 2
    • Starch: 5-6
    • Sugar: 12,5-14,5 BRIX
    • Acidity: 6,5-7,5 g / l
  • SQ159 is a scab resistant variety
  • Apple tree growth is weak to medium.
  • Flowering: 1-2 dagen before Golden Delicious.
  • Resistant to scab, tolerant to apple tree cancer. Tolerant to mildew.
  • Harvest Period: Around Braeburn, in the Netherlands Middle of October 1st picking, 1st week of November 2nd picking.
  • Magic Star® has an excellent storability and extraordinary shelf life.
  • Regular cold store until May (7 months), ULO cold store until the middle of October (12 months)
  • After purchasing in the retail store the consumer is able to store the apple 3 weeks before consumption.

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